About Sea Dwelling Creatures

Located just 300 feet from Los Angeles International Airport, Sea Dwelling Creatures, Inc. (SDC) is the Nation's largest Marine Wholesaler. Over 120,000 gallons of holding tanks means that our variety is vast, and our inventory is deep. SDC focuses on “SHIP OUT” customers across the country and around the world, to ensure that you get the first pick at the largest weekly variety available from one location. SDC is proud to be part of a select few Wholesale facilities that are certified by the Marine Aquarium Council (MAC). >SDC also carries a wide variety of Dry Goods, including Seachem, Salifert, Kent Marine, Blue Life USA, ASM G-Series Protein Skimmers, Corallife and much more.

Our Mission Statement:

SDC strives to create long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with customers all over the world, by maintaining an unyielding commitment to quality, variety, and world-class customer service.


Sea Dwelling Creatures began in 1992 as what is known as a "jobber". This means that SDC would take orders from out-of-state customers and purchase product from local Los Angeles wholesalers to fill the orders. This was done from a home office, with little to no overhead, and annual sales were just over $100,000. We played lots of golf back then!

By 1993 SDC had a large enough customer base to justify investing in a small, 1600 square foot facility, in order to bring in shipments direct from suppliers overseas. Within two years from the opening of the new facility, SDC found that the warehouse was too small to meet the demands of its customers.

In 1996 SDC expanded into a 5400 square foot warehouse. Due to a growing industry and increasing market share for SDC, this warehouse became too small as well. The next step was to annex the neighboring units in the complex and expand to 7400 square feet from 1997-1999. By the end of 1999, revenue was up, and growth was maintaining at a fantastic rate.

After two more years of steady growth, in 2001 SDC moved in to its current facility. With over 24,000 square feet of warehouse space, sitting on over an acre of land, and with nearly 120,000 gallons of saltwater holding capacity, SDC is housed in one the largest and most modern facilities in the world. From here the company will continue to expand its market share through unparalleled quality and customer service.

We are attempting to create an entirely new and higher level of product quality and customer service than the industry has previously seen. In doing so we strive to help our customers become more profitable and to have a strong sense of satisfaction and accomplishment as a result of their relationships with Sea Dwelling Creatures, Inc.

SDC is a pioneer in making the industry sustainable for years to come. To this end, we promote the proliferation and marketing of "Aqua-cultured" products whenever possible. We proudly support and participate in organizations like Reef Check and Marine Aquarium Council (MAC), which are making efforts to promote "drug free" and "sustainable" harvesting techniques.