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Why Choose Sea Dwelling Creatures ?

Our Mission - 100% Customer Satisfaction

We strive to create long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. We know we can only accomplish this by maintaining an unyielding commitment to quality, variety, and world-class customer service. Providing healthy animals is the most important thing for our customers and their customers. To that end we never stop looking for ways to improve our techniques and enhance our knowledge. 

Our Vision - 100% Sustainability

The only way to realize this is to be fully committed to increase the availability of captive bred animals and to provide funding and equipment for sustainable collection training and practices.  We source our animals from suppliers that are responsible and committed to the long term future of the industry.  If we all work together, we can make this vision a reality.

Our Approach - 100% Focus, Commitment and Effort

Every day, our staff comes to work ready to take on the challenge of caring for these creatures and fulfilling our obligations to our customers. There are no shortcuts and there are no cheat codes. Precise acclimation, diligent monitoring and maintaining of optimal water quality, ensuring a nutritious diet for the animals, delicate handling and careful preparation for transport all take tremendous focus, commitment and effort. That is what we expect from our staff and that is how we set out to provide our customers with the healthiest animals possible.

<p>We merged with Exotic Reef Imports in 2019 to become the World’s Largest Distributor of live marine aquarium fish, coral, invertebrates, live rock, and aquarium supplies. At our 24,000 square foot facility with over 140,000 gallons of saltwater, we take pride in supplying only the finest quality and widest variety of sustainably collected and captive bred animals to our wholesale customers worldwide.

Our staff is composed of dedicated biologists and aquatic specialists and we take our obligation to the animals and to our customers very seriously.
We believe that one of the reasons we have been successful over the last thirty years is due to our desire to constantly improve our husbandry and shipping methods as well as our customer service.

Our mission is to serve this amazing hobby, these wondrous creatures and our hard working customers who are the lifeblood of the industry that we love.</p>

30 Years Experience

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