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Coral reef “song” studied by artificial intelligence

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Coral reef “song” studied by artificial intelligence

An artificial intelligence has been programmed by Exeter University researchers to monitor the health of coral reefs by studying their sounds.

  • Exeter University used the technology to monitor the progress of coral restoration.
  • The series of recordings successfully determined the health status of the reef 92 per cent of the time.

What sound does a coral reef make? The University of Exeter, in the UK, decided to find out for scientific purposes. A team of researchers created an artificial intelligence program that can determine the health of coral reefs by listening to the sounds that they make. These living organisms, made up of colonies of polyps and found on the bed of seas and oceans, produce complex sounds and noises due to the passage of fish and other animals. Analysing these special songs through AI allows researchers to obtain data useful in measuring the health of corals and launch restoration projects when necessary.

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by Admin Staff


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