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Coral Reefs: The Pride of Palau

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Coral Reefs: The Pride of Palau

Weaving together traditional stewardship and science to protect Palau's coral reefs.

The expanse of landscape and reef scape that traverses Palau has captivated divers for decades, and as a nation, Palau stands out as a leader in traditional stewardship and ocean conservation. Palau serves as the backdrop for our story that follows solidified partnerships between a scientific group, a nonprofit, and a community, who are working together to protect coral reefs. We travel virtually to remote islands where the Hatohobei community has lived in harmony with nature for generations. Through partnerships with the nonprofit,  OneReef Worldwide , and the research institution,  Scripps Institution of Oceanography , the Hatohobei community has gained new technological tools to document coral reef changes while maintaining their traditional knowledge. Follow along as we take virtual scuba dives with the help of 3D models of coral reefs created by the  100 Island Challenge . The models help visualize the reefs and display changes through time. The deeper heart beat of this story navigates through laying a foundation of trust, relationship building, and valuing knowledge that is historic and new. 

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